Your roadmap from a habit, addiction or negative thought patterns, to living a purpose filled life, using a proven, research based formula, giving you a fast-start to success.


I'm Jules Radford

  • My purpose is to help as many people as possible find freedom from a bad habit, addiction or negative thought patterns, to find their passion &  purpose so they can live a purpose filled dream life, and then go on to help others do the same.
  • Back in 2006, I almost lost my job, my marriage, my kids & my friendships, because my destructive habits got the better of the battle of time with partner / kids / friends vs time spent with my destructive habit, the habit ALWAYS won………..sound familiar? 
  • In 2016 another life event happened and I wanted to end it all and was planning my exit from planet earth.
  • BUT something changed ALL of that, yet it took me over a decade to make the transformation from destructive habit to living the dream life and fulfilling my purpose, so I set out to explore how this process could happen way quicker. 
  • So.....I created the 28 Day RESET Challenge, to help YOU find that elusive freedom from your addiction and start living YOUR dream live, in 28 DAYS, not years or decades.  I have been refining this process over the last couple of years to make it as easy and accessible for YOU as possible. 
  • Outside of this, I am married with 2 teenage daughters, lead a large global team for a tech company where I am also a High Performance Culture facilitator, and I'm passionate about skiing & mountain biking - hence the mountain on the logo!  
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Sound familiar?

  • Struggling with a habit, addiction or something that is holding you back, robbing you of YOUR dreams, YOUR passion, and YOUR joy?
  • Feeling shame & petrified someone will find out?
  • Feeling alone as you can't share about it with anyone?
  • Tried everything - groups, fellowships, recovery courses, therapy. books, DVD’, ”white knuckling” it, but nothing has worked?

The 28 day RESET challenge

From whatever is holding you back (habit, addiction or something else), to your dream life, in 28 days

I want to know more!

RESET your mind

to energize your conscious and subconscious, to jump start your mind and start working towards your brighter future.

RECOVER your life

by removing the key root causes which leads you to self soothe or not make progress towards your purpose.

RESTORE your relationships

with yourself and others, and focus on things which give you passion and energy.

REIMAGINE your life

what your new life can and will be like, by energizing your dreams.


"Sneak peek" into The 28-Day RESET Challenge

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What are people saying about The 28-Day RESET Challenge

Claire K

" exactly what it says on the has helped me refocus and learn new skills which I've added into my daily life.....each section is well directed and focused with questions at the end which helped me get more curious about me.....although it is called a 28-Day challenge, I was able to work through each section at my own pace.  
The content is so valuable....I loved the section around gratitude & accountability which I found helped me see where I was each day...and helped me refocus when required.

Roxie M

This course is fantastic, it's convenient and full of wisdom and insights that really helped to shift my mindset and to bring awareness around the deeply held limiting beliefs....I would highly recommend the 28-day RESET challenge to anyone, but especially if you have habits that are holding you back from truly living your greatest life. 


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about their behaviours, their habits, addictions and wanting to overcome are guaranteed to learn new skills to improve your daily life and in only 30 mins a day, can totally make you rethink, re-imagine and rediscover your life"


"Working with Jules has literally changed my life. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel"


"The 28 day RESET challenge has been amazing and the support from Jules (and Vikki) incredible!"


"Thank you Jules for taking the time to pull together so much terriffic material - it is absolutely amazing"

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Be Grateful

Dec 03, 2022

Focus On the Progress

Nov 26, 2022

Commit to the 28-Day RESET Challenge

Nov 19, 2022


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