Everyone has a unique journey and is precious. No matter where you are in that journey, having the right strategy can help you reach your goals and create more freedom in your life.

My purpose in life, is to help as many people as possible find that freedom, live that dream life and then go on to help others do the same. 


I'm Jules Radford

Back in 2006, I almost lost my job, my marriage, my kids & my friendships, because my destructive habits got the better of me.  All because in the battle of time with partner / kids / friends vs time spent with my destructive habit, the habit always won………..sound familiar? 

BUT something changed all of that, yet it took me over a decade to make the transformation from destructive habit to living the dream life and fulfilling my purpose, so I set out to explore how this process could have happened way quicker.  I created the 28 Day RESET Challenge, to help YOU find that elusive freedom from your addiction or destructive habit and start living your dream life, in 28 days, not years or decades.

Show me a sneak peek of The 28-Day RESET Challenge

My Story - the man behind the pictures!

I grew up in a lovely home and one of 4, I was fairly successful in school and University, trained with one of the best Accountancy firms on the planet, was married to the most gorgeous girl in the world and we had 2 lovely daughters, yet this wasn't enough, I was always searching and striving for more. 

I had made it through life not really knowing what it was like to feel loved or to be truly in love, and so when I was not sure how to deal with my emotions, I self soothed with various substances and destructive habits, which led to problems in my marriage, my family, my relationships, and almost cost me my job.

Outside of Reset-Reimagine, I lead a large global team for a tech company where I am a High Performance Culture coach & facilitator.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible find that freedom, live that dream life and then go on to help others do the same.    


What's the story behind the RESET name and logo?

I absolutely love the mountains and adventure sports, but more importantly, after wanting to end it all in 2016, my dream of owning an apartment in a ski resort is the only thing that kept me alive.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I needed a bigger dream that I could focus my attention on, so that I stopped focussing on what almost casued me to lose my job in 2006.

What I didn't realise, was that the ski apartment was only the beginning of the journey.......I got involved in facilitating and leading The Recovery Course in my local town and then Covid-19 hit and we had to move online and as part of the move to online I co-founded the STAR [Steps To Active Recovery] Life Course, writing all the sections around "mastering our mind" which started off a chain reaction that I now realise started back in 2006.

I had attended an NLP (Neuro Linguisitic Programming) 3 day workshop and it was like a light bulb set off - I suddenly realised the awesome power of the mind, this was then triggered again a few years back when attending a "dream your future" workshop and the idea that 'what we focus on, is what we become' and that if we want to achieve something, we need to first dream it, think it, visualise it, and start taking daily steps towards it.

So the idea formed - what if I focussed on my dream, rather than on my addiciton or destructive habit......and BOOM, the Mind section of the STAR Life Course was born....but the journey didn't stop here...........    


The 3 things that tend to cause addiction or destructive secret habits 

What struck me was that it wasn’t the addiction that was the problem, that was just how I self-soothed my pain, it was 3 things:

  1. the root cause behind the pain
  2. not having a purpose or a dream to shoot for in life
  3. letting my mind self-sabotage me


The 5 reasons why everything else you have tried hasn’t work: 

 I was also getting frustrated with most recovery type courses as I felt they just weren’t hitting the spot because: 

  1.  Poor availability – recovery type courses are usually only available to join 1-2 times per year (if you are lucky enough to have one near you) and you can only join them at the start of the course or they run in perpetuity so there was no start, middle or end so it is easy to get addicted to attending the recovery course themselves  
  2. Only last for 2 hours per week out of a total of 168 hours in a week, so what support is available for the other 166 hours in the week? 
  3. Tend to be quite religious so what if you are not religious, how can you access them?
  4. Focus on the end result being recovery, but fail to focus on what is the dream or passion and purpose of the individual – if you have clarity on your passion and purpose, you are a halfway through the battle 
  5. The power of the mind tends to be overlooked - if you’ve spent any time with the leading coaches of our time such as Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Brendan Burchard etc, you will know that 80% of all changes begins with our mindset – so why is this ignored? 


Introducing..........The 28-Day RESET Challenge

So I had this crazy idea to build a step by step 28-Day RESET Challenge to guide you from feeling miserable, shame, frustration, numb, absent in relationships, caged in and not reaching your potential, to starting the right steps towards FINALLY achieving freedom from your secret habit or addiction and getting the passion for your life back, all in 28 days.  
No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from feeling caged in by your secret habit to complete freedom.  Would you LOVE to stop feeling miserable, shame, frustration, numb, absent in relationships and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving freedom from your secret habit and living your dream life, a life of passion and purpose? 

So this is what I created - The 28-Day RESET Challenge to get from addiction to living your dream life in 28 days: 

  1. help you to start using your mind as your best friend instead of your worst enemy
  2. find your purpose and your dream and plot the path towards your dream life
  3. remove the root causes causing you to self soothe…..in 28 days    


Show me a sneak peek of The 28-Day RESET Challenge

Why I Do It

I believe that every single person on this planet is here for a reason and for a purpose, yet so few actually get to find their true purpose and destiny because life, addiction, stuff gets in the way.  I want to help you remove the clutter and help you identify and start living your purposae filled dream life.

I believe you are AMAZING, you are IMPORTANT, you are SPECIAL, you are UNIQUE, you are PRECIOUS and you are LOVED.  There is only one version of YOU on the whole of planet earth, and planet earth NEEDS you living out your PURPOSE

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