For the countless people struggling with addiction or destructive habits who have tried a variety of recovery courses that ended with unsuccessful outcomes, life can prove unbearable and meaningless. But a new and revolutionary programme gives addicts reason to hope. The 28-day Reset Challenge focuses on the power of the mind and addresses gaps in traditional rehabilitation courses with remarkable results.

The fear of and shame of letting others know often means an individual’s struggle with addiction is often a lonely and petrifying journey. Jules Radford should know — the founder of the 28-day Reset Challenge struggled with addiction recovery for years before realising there had to be a better approach to the problem. 

Through a holistic programme that harnesses the power of the mind, people with addiction or bad habit problems can now find mental and spiritual healing and achieve greater success in their work and life. It starts with a compelling motto: ‘Freedom from addiction or destructive habits, identify your passion & purpose, live your dream life.’

The 28-day Reset Challenge is touted as a 'recovery relapse buster' and is today accessible to almost anyone needing help. The course has been refined over the years, focusing on easily-understood insights derived from the wisdom of the founder's decade of personal struggles to seek that elusive freedom from addiction

Participants are able to work at their own pace, going through the process a section at a time until a sense of realisation emerges. It invariably results in a paradigm shift of monumental proportions, giving rise to a sense of self-awareness hitherto absent. Many have claimed that the course helped them refocus and appreciate what life has to offer based on a newfound understanding of gratitude and accountability. 

A participant remarked, 'You are guaranteed to learn new skills to improve your daily life. Only 30 minutes a day can make you rethink, reimagine, and rediscover your life'! The 28-day Reset Challenge promises just that – to start living one’s dream life in 28 days, not years or decades.

For more information on the 28-day Reset Challenge, visit 28-Day RESET Challenge

The phrase, mind over matter, is universally accepted and is a concept that is well documented.  As Jules constantly reminds his participants: 'Your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy, but the choice is always yours.' And participants buy into such statements for a good reason. These are not the empty words of a marketer promoting an addiction recovery programme but recollections of a man who has trudged through the rocky road of self-recovery.  

The ability to second-guess what goes on in the mind of a participant when faced with a challenging situation allows Jules to provide genuinely insightful ways to overcome any situation. This is a man who almost lost everything back in 2006 – a stable job, marriage, children, and friendships – all because of destructive habits. And in the constant battle between time with family and friends and an addiction habit, the latter always won.

It is a familiar story that resonates with many seeking help. But something changed all of that, yet it took Jules over a decade to transform a destructive habit into living a fulfilling life. It catalysed a desire to explore ways to quicken this process, and the 28-day RESET Challenge was born.

Jules Radford’s purpose now is to help as many people as possible to kick their destructive habits and find their life’s purpose and plot the path towards a dream life. It starts by removing the root causes that inhibit one from the ability to self-heal – all in 28 days.

About the Founder:

Jules Radford created 'The 28-Day RESET Challenge' to help others deal with the daunting struggle of addiction recovery. Faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges in his personal life in 2006 and again in 2016, Jules overcame his addictions and spent the last two years refining a holistic programme to help others remove the root cause of their problems and find their purpose.

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