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Goal setting is a powerful tool

Oct 23, 2022
Changing your life has everything to do with your goals and expectations. How can you live a successful life if you don’t know what you want in life, right?
Quick updates:
  1. The daily cold shower Wim Hof challenge continues - I often write these blogs a few weeks in advance so actually by witing this, I now HAVE to keep going!
  2. The platform change to Kajabi continues and it won't be long before I can send you a link to move to the shiny new platform, which has so much cool new functionality - especially if you are a member of The 28-Day RESET Challenge and the RESET community

Week 4 - Goal setting is a powerful tool.

You want to set goals because you want to constantly remind yourself what you want, and your goals help you identify your destination.
When you ask people what they want in life, they will give you vague and general answers such as they want to be happy or they want to get rich.
You seldom hear a clear and specific answer like I want to earn $100,000 from my internet business through selling my products on Amazon by the end of the year.
No wonder most people fail and live in mediocrity, simply because they are not clear and not specific enough with what they want.
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Goal setting is powerful
It gives you a clear direction in life. Your goal tells you what you want, by when, and whether you are moving in the right direction.
If you don’t have a goal, you’ll be living like a lost sheep, following the crowd.
Imagine going through the weekend without any plan. You feel bored, and you don’t know what to do to kill time. Suddenly your friend calls and asks you for a drink.
Most people will accept and meet their friends over a drink. Why? Because they have no plan.
What if you have a clear goal like to lose 7 pounds within a month because your daughter is going to get married next month and you want to look fit in your suit?
You might end up rejecting your friend for a drink and instead, choose to exercise in the gym.
This is why it is important to have goals, it gives you a clear direction and if you are committed enough; your goals can help you focus on doing what matters most to you.
Instead of being distracted and wasting time, you will become proactive and work on things that are truly important.
Goal Setting Builds Positive Expectations
When you set your goals, you feel confident and positive because you created expectations and hope.
Studies have shown that old people who are at the end of their lives tend to live longer when they have a goal, such as to wait until their birthdays or any big celebration.
When you have good expectations, you will do something with better commitment and drive.
Why do you think successful people are able to wake up each morning feeling excited and beamed with energy? It is because they have a clear and exciting goal to achieve.
They know what they want to accomplish in life, they are excited about it, they look forward to it, and they can’t wait to do it.
Your goals create motivation and give you direction.
Therefore, if you want to change your life, you need to have goals.
Action Steps:
As part of The 28-Day RESET challenge, I ask people to write down their goals and their dreams and to start the process I suggest using these questions:
  1. Identify the things you can do to make other people's lives better - helping others is hugely rewarding – and takes our minds off doing things that are less constructive 
  2. Think back to the activities you do or used to do, that made you forget about the passage of time (for example I have absolutely loved creating The 28-Day RESET Challenge to help people on their freedom and passion journey - helping others in their journey is one of my passions & part of my purpose for living
  3. Recall what you liked to do when you were a kid
  4. Think about the things that you are willing to do even if you look like a fool.
  5. If you are a person of faith you might want to ask God or your higher power to help reveal your purpose and then use this to create your reason for wanting to get into active freedom
If you want to hear more about what my life goal was that kept me above ground about 5 years ago, check out day 3 in The 28-Day RESET Challenge
Here’s one more thing you should do: Practice daily goal setting. Every morning when you wake up, write down the goals you want to achieve for today.
Practice daily goal setting and review your goals every day. Your life will change faster than you imagine.
Are there any situations where you need to make a change?
Perhaps you have a secret destructive habit you are not sure how or when to quit - DM me or check out the website so I can have the honour of serving you in your path to freedom.
Many guests have found the confidence, ability and inspiration to make a change and find freedom from a destructive secret habit by joining the 28-day RESET challenge - perhaps this could be your ticket to freedom and living your dream life again.
If you are struggling with the thought of making changes, or not sure where to begin, perhaps its time to try the 28-day RESET challenge - you can access the challenge here - 
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Ask life changing questions
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