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Being acountable for my actions, life and outcomes (Part 1)

Feb 04, 2023

Being or becoming accountable for our life, actions, recovery and outcomes

The word accountability makes most of us squirm in our seats as it means we are going to have to hold ourselves to account for our actions or outcomes - ouch!  


Let's think about some role models of people who we tend to look up to - people like politicians, influencers, celebrities, senior leaders.......I don't know about you, but without getting all political on everyone, I am not sure I have met many politicians, who without fail, takes real accountability for their actions and outcomes - in most cases it feels like they have a gift for blaming the other party.


What about ourselves, how quick are we to blame everyone else for our bad habits or negative thougth patterns - yet as we will cover over the next couple of weeks, whenever we blame others for our actions or outcomes, we give away all our power to fix the situation - who would do that in their right mind? 


Let's take this back to being able to kick bad habits into create a succesful outcome, WE must believe that WE are responsible for our own change, NOT anyone else.


There are 3 specific beliefs we must have for change to occur: 

  1. We must believe “something must change”, not should, could, ought to change - i.e. absolutely no procrastination about it (ok, we probably need to cover procrastination in another blog!)
  2. Not only must it change but we must believe “I must change it” - i.e. we stop looking for somebody else to change it, or to blame for it not changing  
  3. We have to believe “I can change it” 


Basically we have to really get that WE have to be the source of our change, not anyone else. 


The Accountability Ladder



To help explain the concept of what being accountable for our change or Recovery looks like, I am going to use the accountability ladder which I first came across witha culture transformation company called Senn Delaney: 


Let me try and bring this to life with an example



You left late to the airport and have just missed your flight - what happens, i.e. how do you react to this situation (try to picture what you would do in this situation): 


  • Victim - I wasn't aware it left at the time, the traffic was bad, it always is when I am travelling and someone always holds me up when I try to leave the house, I can’t be expected to know the times for everything, but never mind, I am sure it will be fine next time.  OUTCOME - I have blamed everyone apart from me and therefore I don’t need to do anything differently - so I am likely to keep missing flights 


  • Accountable - shoot, I have just missed my flight, that is absolutely my bad, the traffic was bad but it was rush hour so I should have realised this, I must remember next time to leave earlier to give myself more time, and if someone tries to hold me up at the house I will just tell them I have a flight to catch and we can chat later.  OUTCOME - as I am taking an accountable approach, I naturally look for solutions to get to a better outcome next time, I probably won’t miss another flight again 



Let me share a personal example to help bring this to life…...about a year or so ago I was having some therapy sessions and looking back at some events that happened when I was growing up - I realised that there were some things my parents had done that I felt were wrong and for the next couple of weeks proceeded to convince myself that it is no wonder I have struggled with some destructive habits because it was all their fault and I got quite angry at the situation and let it cloud how I reacted to things i.e. I was playing the victim card


A few weeks later I was listening to a podcast and the words “don't let your past determine your future” jumped out at me - I realised I was being powerless over the situation and carrying around a whole load of baggage which was slowing me down and clouding my subconscious thoughts and actions


I had to decide in that moment, to forgive my parents for acting in the way they did and move forward, i.e. I had to take off the rucksack of baggage and stop carrying it around, after all, it is in the past and it is done, they can’t change what they did, but I can change how I react to it.   



Just an aside, I would recommend regularly listening to inspiring podcasts to help keep your thoughts in a good place – my current ‘go to’ is the GrowthDay app which for a small annual fee of $37 has a daily fire podcast as well as some great inspirational training around how to maintain a high performance mindset - you can access it here - 


So, what we have seen is that accountability can either make us powerful or powerless - every time we blame someone else for a poor decision or a poor outcome we are effectively handling all power for fixing the outcome to the person we are blaming, and as we know, the only person we can change is ourselves, we have just stopped all chance of fixing the issue - so it will keep reoccurring 


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