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Controlling your emotions to fastrack your recovery

Jan 21, 2023

In the last blog, I closed out by saying that - "being curious is all about asking good questions, sometimes to ourselves, sometimes to others".  In this blog, I want to start by looking at anchors (no, not the anchors you use to moor a boat!


Finding an anchor to remind us who is responsible for our mood and emotions


I read an amusing story about one of Tony Robbins Date with Destiny sessions where it was held in a hotel where a train went past 4 times per day, this was starting to annoy some folk, so they did a test to see if they could control their emotions in this situation.



Each time the train went past they would have a celebration and high-five each other and basically change the atmosphere and the energy levels - what this showed was that we can turn a frustration or annoyance into a celebration by a small shift in thinking.





What are some new emotional anchors you need to create in your life e.g. every time someone puts you down or tries to belittle you – you could take this as a celebration that you are doing something right and the other person is just jealous - get excited and find a mirror to high five yourself.


Can I let you into a little secret, if people are putting you down or criticising you, then you are probably making an impact and instigating change or challenging people to think or act differently – this is actually a good thing.  If no-one is challenging what you do, you might be just surviving rather than thriving…#justsaying  


How can we use the mood elevator to help us?


We can use the mood elevator to find the best time to have a difficult conversation or to tackle some of the steps in Recovery


We now know that if we are in the bottom half of the elevator, the conversation is likely to not end well - so pick your moments - linked to this, but for another blog - is ‘pick your battles’ I.e. is the conversation necessary for right now or even necessary at all? 


“Today will be a good day because I have decided to make it a good day”


We don’t need a special reason to feel good - we can just decide to feel good, Ben Hunt Davies the Olympic gold medalist rower quoted “today will be a good day because I have decided to make it a good day”.

For me the quality of the day (apologies in advance for the mental imagery) is decided in the shower, by the time I get out of the shower, I need to have decided how my day will go!



Our mood is often then reflected in others e.g. if I go into a conversation with anger, there is a high probability I will get anger back however if I approach the same conversation with love and care, I will most likely get love and care thrown back - message for a few of us here “how are we approaching conversations, and how could we approach them better going forwards” 


As I am writing this I am being thoroughly convicted, I don’t always have a great relationship with my girls and in my mind, I keep blaming them for not wanting to do anything with me and being non communicative - question, if I stand back and get curious for a moment, am I investing time with them or sowing into their lives - not much, therefore how can I expect to reap a relationship back - I need to do better, and since writing this, I am doing better – and guess what – the relationships are improving – funny that!!   


Taking action

My guess would be that there be some reading this blog who need to re-evaluate some relationships and start properly investing in them again - as you sow into those relationships, I believe you will reap in abundance - why not give it a go - what have you got to lose?


In the third part (next week), I will be taking a look at the 6 human needs we all have and what we can do to meet these each and every day, but in the meantime....


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