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Feeling rejected?

Oct 19, 2022

The most common roots of all personal problems is rejection and almost all of us will have experienced rejection at one time or another, as in its simplest form, it is defined as having a sense or feeling of being unwanted.  

It doesn't matter how large or small the rejection may feel, if it hurts, it hurts, and we all feel different levels of rejection by different things, people or circumstances, and if we let the rejection fester, it can easily leave permanent wounds.  If this is something you are struggling with, read on as I have something which might just help with this.....  

Let’s take a quick peek at the causes of rejection

  •  All human relationships are accompanied by the risk of rejection and often the most damaging kind of rejection comes when a child perceives rejection from one or both parents
  • When someone betrays you, you may say “I’ll never open myself up again, no one will ever get another chance to hurt me like that”, which can be a natural reaction, but it is also dangerous as it can open us up to a second problem......
  • Defensiveness, which is the reaction of somebody who has been hurt once too often. Defensiveness says “all right, I’ll go through life, but I will never let anybody come near enough to hurt me like that again, I’ll always keep a wall between me and other people” 

Rejection leads to shame -  and one way to know if you are struggling with shame is if somehow you feel that you are not fit to meet other people or that you cannot look anyone straight in the face – people suffering from shame will often avert or lower their eyes when approached by another person – shame is debilitating, and it keeps us from functioning as healthy human beings

Shame can also be brought on when we have a secret habit that we know would cause huge embarrassment if it were found out, porn especially can cause huge shame issues as it tends to be a very secret habit which can often go unchecked or unknown for ages.  

 I have been having some therapy recently, (sidebar - it took me years to get around to the idea of therapy being a good thing, for years I thought therapy was just for weak folk & people with problems (oh the irony!) – anyway, this therapy highlighted my defensive wall with my wife and other relationships, it got a little better as I did some digging around into my past, but then it got a bit painful so I quickly put the dressing on rather than keeping going with the scalpel – I have since had to go through another bout of therapy to get to the root cause and I need to keep going with this.

 Why am I telling you this - many clients have found freedom from shame and rejection through coming on the 28 day RESET challenge - perhaps this could be your ticket to freedom and living your dream life again.  I'll be sharing in an upcoming blog, the testimony of someone who had struggled with a secret destructive habit for decades, which led to huge shame issues, but they are starting to rebuild their life - the 28 day RESET challenge started changing the way they reacted to situations which then had a positive knock on impact with their partner and grown children....... 

 If you are struggling with feelings of rejection or shame, perhaps its time to try the 28 day RESET challenge - you can access the challenge by clicking the link below:

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