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Focus On the Progress

Nov 26, 2022

10 steps to change your life - step 9 - Focus on the progress

Do you know why most people quit and give up halfway? The answer is because they choose to focus on the wrong thing. 

They focus on the result rather than the process

  • Imagine if your goal is to do 50 pushups each day, and if you did not reach the 50 pushups or if you miss out a day, you will feel like a failure
  • What if you are trying to give up a bad habit / addiction / negative thought patterns and you have a slip, you woudl feel like a failure 

Hence, instead of focusing on the result, try to focus on the progress. You are considered a success as long as you are doing something to move forward to reach your goals

  • Focus on doing the pushups regardless of how many times you want to do it
  • Focus on the days you have not engaged in a negative thought, bad habit or addiction 

On the first day, you may end up doing 30 pushups. On the second day, maybe you will do 35 pushups. And a few weeks later, you may be able to do 50 pushups in one go. 

In the first week you may manage 3-4 days sober, but not the full 7 days, but that is much better than having zero days sober which you may have been doing previously - progroess not perfection

The result will come slowly and gradually

So choose to focus on the progress and not the goal. However, you will still need to have a goal or a target you want in your head. Why? Because your goal tells you what you need to do and it gives you direction in life. 


Change is about taking small steps one at a time. When you take small steps, change will happen, slowly, but surely. 

Unfortunately, most people choose to focus on the result. When they take small actions and they don’t see the result they want, they started to doubt themselves. They started to feel frustrated and down. 

And then they will think of some other ‘creative solution’. They will look for other opportunities and start jumping from one project to another. 

Understand this – results will come later

You can decide that you are going to exercise 30 minutes each day, but the effect of exercise can only come after a few weeks or months. 

The same goes for business. Some people decided to change their job and get into business, but they don’t seem to understand that things take time. 

They work on their businesses, but when they don’t see the result in weeks or a few short months, they choose to give up. 

Please allow time to work its magic

Action Steps: 

  1. Focus on the progress and develop the habit. What makes you change is your habit, not the result you get. The result is just the by-product of your habit and action. 
  2. Always remember this: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 


Are there any situations where you need to make a change?  

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