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Ignore the naysayers

Nov 05, 2022

Step 6 - there will be people telling you that whatever you are trying to do is impossible and they will tell you that change is just not possible. 

So how do you deal with naysayers? Just ignore them

When Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to chase his dream of becoming a champion in the bodybuilding industry, people laughed at him and told him that it was impossible.....he ignored them and went on to chase his dream.....and he succeeded. 

After that, when he told people he wanted to become an actor, again, people laughed at him and told him all sorts of reasons why he would fail.  Some people told him his name was too difficult to pronounce. Some people told him his body was too bulky and it was impossible for him to fit into any movie character. What did Arnold do? He ignored all of them and went on to chase his dream of becoming a Hollywood superstar.........the rest became history. 

Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already beneath you

There will be people telling you what you want to achieve is impossible and there will be people who doubt if you can do it. Just ignore them.  You can get freedom from your addiction or destructive habit.  There will be naysayers along your journey to success, and you just need to ignore them. In fact, naysayers are important because they remind you of what you need to do to prove them wrong. 

 You have to adopt the same thinking and act like Arnold did - ignore the naysayer and people who tell you that it is impossible.  For people who doubt if you can do it, just prove them wrong. 

Naysayers Are Everywhere 

You have to understand that naysayers are everywhere. This is just part of life because everyone’s experience and thinking are different. Most people will say that it is not possible to achieve what you want, only a small group of people will support and believe in you - but one of those people is ME, I believe in you, I believe in your recovery and I believe you have dreams inside of you that are waiting to be birthed.  Believe in yourself and keep your eyes on your dreams. 

People will tell you that it is impossible to change; it is too difficult to change; the competition is too tough; there are no more opportunities left; instead of feeling down and discouraged, turn those words into positive energy that drives you forward.  

People will tell you all kinds of reasons why you can’t, but never let their words discourage you.  When they cannot do it, it does not mean you cannot do it too. “When people throw stones at you, don’t throw them back. Collect them all and build an empire.” 

Action Steps: 

  1. Ignore the naysayers and never buy into the ideas of people telling you that it is impossible. Nothing is impossible until it is done. 
  2. It is impossible to fly until Wright Brothers successfully invented the airplane. It is impossible to connect and speak to one another across the world until mobile phones come to life.  Things may seem impossible now, but with your persistence and determination, your freedom from addiction of destructive habits and living out your dreams will eventually become a reality. 

If no one believes in you or shows you the support, it is alright, just lock yourself in and work hard on your dreams. Someday, somehow, you will make it. 

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