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Making my mind my friend, instead of my worst enemy

Oct 23, 2022
Our mind is one of the most powerful tools in the entire planet, and because everything begins with a thougth, we now have everything we have around us - some of this is great (think cars, houses, planes, schools, hospitals etc) however some is not so great and can result in some pretty horrific knock on consequences (think drugs, pornogrophy, alcohol etc).

Lets take this down a level though, to OUR minds, not someones else's........  


All thoughts end up with a result or outcome - either we do something or we don’t do something, but it still creates an result. We have around 2-3k (thats 2,000 to 3,000) thoughts per hour, and 95%-99% are subconscious i.e. 95% - 99% of all results / outcomes are based on our current way of thinking - WOW - so it's probably easy to see how we could get tripped up by some less than helpful thoughts which can turn our mind into our worst enemy 

Our thougths are impacted by our feelings or mood, which decides whether we take action or no action, which then leads to a result, so every thougth ends with a result. 

Lets put this into a real world scenario (and I am not picking on exercise & food - this applies to pretty much everything in life).....I wake up and think about going to the gym today, but then decide it is too hot / too early / too difficult / not a priority, or some other excuse which generates the action of not going to the gym so my fitness level doesn't improve today, and if I am trying to lose weight through the usual way (eat less, exercise more), then I have just let my mind reduce my chance of success by 50%.  But it gets worse, because my mind really can be my worst enemny if I let it, I then feel bad about not going to the gym so decide to eat some unhealthy food, so now I have not gotten to the gym and I have eaten more food.  The icing on the cake then comes when we catch our shadow in a mirror and start thinking, "its just the way I am, I was born with a bad's not my fault".  

Making my mind my friend


What happens when we blame someone else - we hand over the power to fix it, to someone else, so continuing with the example, I hand all power to reduce my weight to 'the universe / higher power / my parents.....' who created me, to fix this, but the problem with this is that it is ME who needs to exercise more and ME who needs to eat more healthy food choices in smaller portions.  

The great news though, is that we can change the way we think - the 28 day RESET challenge covers this in way more detail, but can I share a few with you now? 

Making my mind my friend


Our mood changes regularly throughout the day, and wouldn't it be great if we had a little more control over our mood and feelings, especially if this is the key link between our thougths and our actions (which lead to results)?  If we start noticing our mood (bringing it into our consious mind) we then have the opportunity to think about whether this state will likely lead to a good outcome or a bad one.  For example if I go into an arguament somewhere in the lower half of the mood elevator (irritated, bothered) there is pretty much no chance of a successful outcome. However if I get 'curious' and start asking things like "I wonder why they are thinking about this situation in that way" or "I wonder what my part has been in bringing it to the current place of arguing" then we start looking to ourselves to help find a solution rather than immediately blaming the other person, which as we know, gives our power away


Catch yourself this week and quickly check where you are on the mood elevator and what you could do to move yourself up the mood elevator, perhaps taking some exercise, go for a something to change the environment and help you get more curious about the situation you are facing.....I can almost guarantee that you will find the result becomes much better for the situation you are in.

Don't forget to check out for my other blogs or to join the 28-day RESET challenge - this is probably one of the best investments you can make in your future self. 

Making my mind my friend

Have a great week


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