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Meeting your 6 human needs to fastrack your recovery

Jan 28, 2023

Last week I looked at creating anchors to change how we approach and react to situations.  This week I want to take a peek at the 6 human needs we all have, and how the more we meet these needs, the greater our chance for success in life.



Our mood is our inner feelings I.e. we own them, not anybody else e.g. next time you catch yourself saying “xxx put me in a bad mood”, be aware that you are actually in a bad mood because of the way you reacted to the conversation with xxx


Linked with this, who do you spend your time with?  If we are constantly around people who are at the bottom of the mood elevator or who trigger us, think about spending less time with them, or perhaps have others around to counterbalance.  



The 6 human needs

To take this a little deeper, we each have 6 human needs, the first 4 are more internally focused and the last 2 are externally focused. 


How each of these needs are being met can hugely influence our mood both in the immediate moment and over a longer period of time.  Further, if we are not growing and contributing, we can become very internally focused and become stale.  So, what are the 6 human needs?


  1. Certainty – assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure  
  2. Uncertainty / variety – the need to the unknown, change, new stimuli 
  3. Significance – feeling unique, important, special or needed 
  4. Connection / love – a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something 
  5. Growth – an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding 
  6. Contribution – a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others 


Laugh Out Loud (LOL!)


Coming into land for this week, laughter, like real belly laughing, is hugely beneficial to our mood - find something to laugh at, at least a couple of times each day this week - belly laugh, laugh out loud.


The last 3 weeks we have looked at the importance of our mood on everything we do in life, so this week, what can you do to regularly check your mood and spend more time in the top part of the mood elevator?. 


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