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Taking control of your emotions (Part 1)

Jan 14, 2023

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SO….who and what, are you letting decide your mood and your outcomes?  Have you ever wondered why your and others' moods go up and down? 


I want you to stop reading this and play your all-time favourite song and I want you to let yourself make some moves, you might need to stand up – nobody is watching you, so be creative and expressive with your moves.  (Totally gave the game away on my music taste!)




What what?

I bet your energy level changed with some of you moving your arms around, playing some air guitars, or having a little dance...BUT your energy changed.   

So what..........We’ve all been around people with low energy (I call them "mood hoovers") and we know what we feel like when we have a low mood - we make poor judgements and decisions 


We also know what happens when we are around people with high energy (energisers, encouragers) and when we are feeling in a good mood - we make better judgements and decisions 


When we say or talk about energy, we are really talking about our inner feelings, in other words, it is a reflection of how we are feeling inside 


Different types of energy

There are many different types of energy:

  • High positive - energetic, enthusiastic
  • Low positive - reflective, grateful
  • High negative - angry, hostile
  • Low negative - worried, dejected, passive-aggressive 


Our ability to manage and direct our energy is a hugely important factor in helping us to be as effective as we can be, especially if we are trying to RESET and REIMAGINE parts or all of our life.


Here is a chart called the mood elevator, which some may have come across before, which was originally put together by a company called Senn Delaney who I have used to help deliver a cultural revolution within the organisation I work for - it is so simple but SO transformational!  Read on to find out how it works!


Which part of the elevator are you likely to make better decisions, have better ideas, have a better day

  • The upper floors where you are feeling grateful, wise, hopeful, resourceful 


Which part of the elevator are you likely to make poor decisions, struggle to have ideas, have a bad day

  • The lower floors where you are feeling angry, depressed, judgemental, defensive 


This is transformational for everyday living, and even more so if we are needing a life RESET, and a way to REIMAGINE our lives


As humans we ride the elevator up and down all day long - the higher up we are, the more perspective we have - we can see farther and clearer I.e. we make better decisions which leads to better outcomes


So why is this relevant?

If we know where we are on the mood elevator, we can make adjustments, which impacts how we act or react to things happening around us


Or putting it a different way, our behaviour is not the result of our ability, but of the state that we’re in at this moment - this is transformational and fully supported by science

 Numerous studies have now confirmed that the mind can change even in the most challenging circumstances - i.e. we are not victims of our biology or circumstances, rather it is how we react to events and circumstances of life which have an enormous impact on our mental and physical health.  I cover this in much more detail in The 28-Day RESET Challenge


But how can we change our mood?

That's a great question


If we go back to the mood elevator picture, the mid point is “curious” - being curious can change how we see situations, people and conversations.  Let's take a look at an example: 


Let's say I am feeling low because someone has just cut me up in traffic - I could stay at the bottom of the elevator (angry, frustrated…) or I could get curious as to why they just cut me up, perhaps they had not spotted me, perhaps they are rushing someone to hospital….- if I can try to see things from the other person's perspective, it can help me process it better and more effectively….the end outcome being that I realise this is not worth getting all angry and frustrated about it and can move back up the mood elevator 

Being curious is all about asking good questions, sometimes to ourselves, sometimes to others - in the next blog, let's explore  


Can I help you take back control of your mind, find your purpose and stop habits or addictions holding you back?


If you need some help getting clarity on your purpose or for finding a way to kick a bad habit or addiction or for taking back control of your mind, I have something which can help you - join the 28-Day RESET Challenge TODAY.


What is the 28-Day RESET Challenge?

It's your roadmap from a habit, addiction or negative thought patterns, to living a purpose filled life, using your mind and a proven, research-based formula, giving you a fast start to success.  Click the link to go straight there NOW - 28-Day RESET Challenge


To your freedom and success


Founder, The RESET Challenge

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