Reset Your Mind, Reimagine Your Life

This online course is designed to help those struggling with addiction or bad habits, to reset their minds and reimagine their lives. It provides practical tools and strategies to help you break free from addiction or bad habits and create a life of freedom and joy. It is the perfect solution for those looking for a comprehensive, holistic approach to addiction recovery.

Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

Practical Tools

This course provides practical tools and strategies to help you break free from addiction and create a life of freedom and joy.

Holistic Approach

This course takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery, helping you to reset your mind and reimagine your life.

Comprehensive Solutions

This course provides comprehensive solutions to help you overcome addiction and create a life of freedom and joy.

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The 28-Day RESET Challenge


Why have I waited so  long to get on and do this course. Why have I allowed myself to be consumed by my own misery.....the video's were inspiring. I hope I can live up to my potential.


Roxie M

This course is fantastic, it's convenient & full of wisdom & insights that really helped to shift my mindset & to bring awareness around the deeply held limiting beliefs....I would highly recommend the 28-day RESET challenge to anyone, but especially if you have habits that are holding you back from truly living your greatest life. 


" exactly what it says on the has helped me refocus and learn new skills which I've added into my daily life.....each section is well directed and focused with questions at the end which helped me get more curious about me.....although it is called a 28-Day challenge, I was able to work through each section at my own pace.  


The RESET Challenge has helped me hugely re alcohol addiction but also with the trauma which happened at the end of reminded me to focus on the positive....that all things are possible with has changed me, given me hope and coping mechanisms.....I've gained so much more confidence and beginning to understand my self more


"Thank you Jules for taking the time to pull together so much terriffic material - it is absolutely amazing" 


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about their behaviours, their habits, addictions and wanting to overcome are guaranteed to learn new skills to improve your daily life and in only 30 mins a day, can totally make you rethink, re-imagine and rediscover your life"


What I gained is a resolve to take the direction of my life towards the one I want to be living. I’m re-steering myself to be in alignment with my best life and doing the next right thing and then the next right thing after that and carrying on in this manner. I have gained tools, ideas and motivation. Thank you!

Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Struggling with stuff that is holding you back, perhaps a bad habit, addiction or negative thought patterns, which are robbing you of your dreams, your passion, your joy?
  • Feeling shame & petrified someone will find out?
  • Feeling alone as you can't share about it with anyone?
  • Tried everything - courses, fellowships, books, DVD’, ”white knuckling” it, but nothing has worked?


What If, In The Next 28 days, You Could…

  • Have kicked your bad habit into touch, and stopped those negative thought patterns
  • Got clarity on your life purpose
  • Restored your closest relationships
  • Started living your life on purpose!
Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

5 reasons why everything you have tried before has not worked:

  1. The power of mastering YOUR mind is overlooked - 80% of all changes begins with YOUR mindset 
  2. Poor availability – in person courses or groups are only available to join 1-2 times per year
  3. Courses / Groups only last for 2 hours per week out of 168 hours in a week
  4. Groups / Courses can sometimes be quite religious so what if you are not religious?
  5. Focus on the end result being recovery rather than living a life on purpose!  If you have clarity on your purpose, you are a halfway there

What if there was a solution to your struggles?

Your step by step plan to go from something holding you back, to living a purpose filled life, through the power of your mind. 

A 28 Day Challenge which you can access from anywhere, anytime on any device, designed to:

  • Help you find long term freedom from the stuff holding you back, to getting the passion for your life back
  • RESET your mind, RECOVER from your bad habits by eradicating the root cause, RESTORE your relationships & REIMAGINE the life of your dreams
  • No waiting for the next course or group near you to start, sign up NOW, start finding freedom NOW, get the passion for your life back NOW
  • All in the privacy of your own home, with no one finding out, and the option of group or personal coaching to help you through the journey further and faster

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the 28 Day RESET Challenge, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your life, to find freedom from the stuff holding you back, and start living your purpose filled life, using the power of your mind

FREE "Sneak-Peek" Inside The 28-Day RESET Challenge

5 reasons why The 28-Day RESET Challenge works:

  1. Change your mind, change your future - is the underlying mantra, as 80% of all changes begins with your mindset
  2. Available 24/7/365 – the  28-Day RESET Challenge is available, anytime, any place, on any device with a clear start, middle, and end
  3. Group and personal coaching (optional) - provides further support alongside the community space, providing accountability and inspiration
  4. Faith agnostic - the 28-Day RESET challenge recognises a power greater than ourselves, but doesn't specifiy, or limit
  5. Focuses on the end result being living your purpose filled life - by helping you identify and focus on your purpose for being on this planet, it provides real clarity and purpose for WHY you MUST find freedom whatever is holdingyou back.
Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

The 28 Day RESET Challenge


Are Ready To Take Control of Your Future?

This 28- Day RESET challenge will teach you everything you need to know to get out of bad habits and negative thought patterns for good, and create a purpose filled life that you can be proud of.

You’ll learn how to:

  • RESET your mind to energize your conscious and subconscious to jump start your mind and start working towards your recovery
  • RECOVER your life by removing the key root causes causing you to self soothe
  • RESTORE your relationships with yourself and others, and focus on things which give you passion and energy
  • REIMAGINE what your new life can and will be like, by energizing your dreams

With a change in your mindset, you could start living a purpose filled life!

Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

What's outcomes will I achieve in The 28-Day RESET Challenge?

Week 1 - RESET Your Mind

 Learn actionable steps to:
  • Rewire your brain for success - making your mind your best friend instead of your worst enemy
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs - you can do this if you put your mind to it
  • Start focussing on the right things with the right people and a positive attitude
  • Explore your passion and purpose - get clarity on what you were put on this earth for
  • Take accountability for your life, how you act, react and take on life's challenges and opportunities 
You’ll finish this module with your mind as your best friend, a clear purpose for living and a desire to take action

Week 2 - RECOVER Your Life


Learn actionable steps to:

  • Take Responsibility for YOUR life and YOUR past, making amends where needed
  • Experiment with asking for, and offering forgiveness
  • Clear proven plan for stopping bad habit triggers in their tracks
  • Overcome rejection, and use this instead to fuel YOUR passion and purpose
  • Value the power of forgiveness in YOUR life, forgiving others and accepting forgiveness for YOU
  • Exercise forgiveness as a daily habit rather than taking offence
  • Recreate your life now that you are able to master your mind
You’ll finish this module feeling set free from your past and with a passion to restore your relationships 

Week 3 - RESTORE Your Relationships


Learn actionable steps to:

  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Energise YOUR relationships by being present and proactive in the right way
  • Start practising mindfulness on a daily basis
  • Turn your actions into love fueled and well received actions
  • Open YOUR mind to new possibilities in relationships
  • Rejuvenate those special relationships with your loved ones
  • Explore and finesse YOUR values, beliefs and identify to achieve better outcomes and behaviours  
You’ll finish this module with a stronger sense of who you really are, as well as relationships which energise you 

Week 4 - REIMAGINE Your Life

Learn actionable steps to:

  • Re-visit and reimagine your passion and purpose
  • Execute good disciplines on a daily basis
  • Implement a clear strategy for stopping the addiction voice leading to relapse
  • Master the habits required to maintain your new passion and purpose filled lifestyle
  • Automate your dream life by re-wiring your brain to propel you towards your dream
  • Give back to something much bigger than yourself
  • Implement healthy and high performance habits
  • New way of embracing life, change, challenges, people, relationships
  • Energise your dreams and bring them into reality through visualisation  
You’ll finish this module with a road map to continue living your life on purpose!
Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

I'm Jules Radford (Founder)

  • My purpose in life is to:
    • help people find freedom from bad habits and negative thought patterns
    • to find their passion & purpose so they can live a purpose filled life
    • provide a platform for helping others do the same.
  • Back in 2006, I almost lost everything, because I let some destructive habits got the better of the battle of time with partner / kids / friends vs time spent with my destructive habit, the habit ALWAYS won………..sound familiar?   
  • The endless cycle of relapse, focussed effort, to relapse, to focussed effort, was never far away, until something changed ALL of that, yet it took me over a decade to make the transformation from destructive habit, to identifying and living a purpose filled life
  • So I set out to explore how this process could happen much faster, and created the 28 Day RESET Challenge, to help YOU find that elusive freedom from whatever is holding you back, and start living a purpose filled life, in 28 DAYS, not years or decades.  I have been refining this process over the last couple of years to make it as easy and accessible for YOU as possible. 
  • Outside of this, I am married with 2 teenage daughters, lead a large global team for a tech company, am a High Performance Culture facilitator, and I'm passionate about skiing & mountain biking - hence the mountain on the logo!  
Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

How does The 28 Day RESET Challenge work?

In only 20- 30 minutes per day

  1. Daily coaching - each day you listen to a short coaching session, making notes as you go ("80% of everything we listen to is forgotten unless we write it down somewhere")
  2. Complete the challenge quiz
  3. Comment below the lesson on what your found most helpful or insightful - this often helps others solidify their learning
  4. Listen to or watch the additional materials - I have added links to additional materials to deepen your learning

Will this work for me - absolutely!

Because YOU were created on purpose and for a purpose, YOU are beautiful - both inside & out, YOU are powerful & important, YOU are lovable & you are loved, YOU are unique & special, YOU are more than enough, YOU are smart, creative, & have a lot to offer this world - so NEVER undersell yourself..

No matter what you do in your life - YOU are NEVER alone, YOU are NEVER forgotten, YOU are NEVER too far gone.

The world NEEDS YOU & is a better place BECAUSE OF YOU.

But, YOU need to take action TODAY, to live your best life

Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

What does your purpose driven dream life look like?

If you are anything like I used to be, your dreams have been buried under a pile of stuff that has been holding you back, things like bad habits, negative thought patterns, messed up relationships, and a whole heap of other horrid stuff........but all that stops HERE and NOW.

I want you to start reimagining your dreams, find out why you were put on this earth - perhaps you want to find a life partner, start a family, do some further education, take that holiday of a lifetime, start a business or a new role, teach or coach others, run a marathon - ALL of this can be possible and be YOUR future.

Take action today to start living your life on purpose!

What do I get with The 28-Day RESET Challenge?

You'll get all the tools you need to kick into touch, all the stuff that has been holding you back, identify your passion and purpose, and start living out your dream life.  Plus if you sign up TODAY, you gets LOTS of other BONUS's 

28-Day RESET Challenge Online Course

Learn the step-by-step approach to freedom from your addiction or destructive habit and living YOUR dream life by using the power of YOUR mind:


RESET Community

Access to the RESET community space, to provide accountability and inspiration both to you, and for you to provide to others

Regular inspirational vlog

A short regular message to bring you hope, inspiration, and encouragement

Mastering Your Mind mini course

A mini course to help you go deeper and provide further actionable steps to master your mind

The Ultimate Recovery Relapse Buster and 5 Steps to Addiction Recovery eBooks

Dedicated to helping you push relapses to a thing of the past by providing actionable proven strategies to stop relapses in their tracks and give you the confidence to push forward with your journey to your dream (addiction free) life 

Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

28 Day RESET Challenge

Pay In Full


One time payment

  • The 28-Day RESET Challenge online course 

  • Access to The RESET Community             

  • Regular inspirational message                                   

  • The Master Your Mind online course                                        

  • The Ultimate Relapse Buster eBook                       

  • 5 step guide to addiction recovery eBook              

  • TODAY ONLY = $199

GET STARTED NOW for only $199

Payment Plan


3 monthly payments

  • The 28-Day RESET Challenge online course 

  • Access to The RESET Community   

  • Regular inspirational message                                   

  • The Master Your Mind online course                                        

  • The Ultimate Relapse Buster eBook                       

  • 5 step guide to addiction recovery eBook 

  • TODAY ONLY - $67

GET STARTED NOW for only $67

Did I just read that right?  Is it really only $199?

Yep, you read it right - I am just in the middle of moving the course to a new platform,  Kajabi, and so I have a couple of requests to be able for me to offer this at this low price:

  1. Let me know as you go through all this amazing material if you spot any functionality that doesn’t work, so I can quickly fix them
  2. Write lots of comments after each lesson to help others get a true sense of the gold nuggets in each lesson
  3. Write a testimonial as you are going through the course and after you have finished the course and are living your dream life!
  4. ENJOY the course - find your freedom and your dream life and then shout about it to your friends and everyone you love so they can benefit from this as well!

Click the link below and "LET'S DO THIS!"

This offer is only available until midnight TONIGHT!

Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

If you aren’t completely satisfied with The 28 Day RESET Challenge, let me know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.









Start The RESET Challenge - Living Life On Purpose!

"I feel so much shame"


 "I feel alive again"